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The app available for download today is the v1.0 minimum viable product (MVP) for something much greater we are working on: Metropolitan League 2.0. Metropolitan League 2.0 currently exists in the future of the Kansas City Metropolitan and is a visually extraordinary multi-tiered sporting league mobile app that offers a number of different sporting activities and rewards to people in the 91 different cities across the Metro. Our mission is to use and adapt mobile technologies to connect the many communities of the Kansas City Metropolitan through sport. With you on our side, we can achieve it! The MVP is your guide to how we are going to achieve this.

Where To Start

With v.1.0, the mobile app becomes the league; everything from signing up to join a group, registering your team, viewing competition & leaderboards and even following your schedule is done through the app. This makes it easier for you and your friends to find, join then participate in sporting activities near you!

Even if you do not play sports you can still participate. Certain local businesses that sponsor the neighborhood leagues will offer rewards/discounts for social check-ins through v1.0 of the app, helping build a community fanbase for these community leagues.

What’s Next?

Soon we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help spread Metro League across the Kansas City area and set up neighborhood leagues in all of the 91 cities. To support the cause join the email list to be notified when the campaign launches!

Email List

Contact Alexander: metroleaguekc@gmail.com