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Welcome to Metro League!



Metro League is a Kansas City based hyperlocal internet company working to connect neighborhoods across the Metropolitan through sport. From pickup to seasons to championship tournaments, we want to offer something for everyone at any skill level.



Pickup is the unseen core of sporting in Kansas City. With thousands of park facilities and open fields across the Metropolitan, pickup groups are able to come together and play casual games of their favorite sports. Metro League sets a new standard for pickup. Through the mobile app community members can sign up to find a pickup group near them. Users will be placed on a list to be selected by a team captain and put on a team for that weeks matchup. Once the teams are selected a final roster is sent out to everyone in the groups so that everyone knows when and where to play as well as who they’re playing against.


Metro League Seasons is for members who want a challenge. Registering your team through the mobile app sets you up against other teams in your area. At the end of the season the team that finishes first on the standings board is awarded the Neighborhood Title and advances to the highest level of Metro League; champions tournament.


Tournament is for the pros. The champions tier of Metro League is where the best teams of each neighborhood come together to compete for the League Title and a shot at the prize money.