Frequently Asked Questions About Metro League


How is metro League separate from waldo League?

Metro League is the internet company that created the Metro League app. Metro League connects sponsors to players and fans through the mobile app. Waldo League is the neighborhood league organized by Metro League to prove the minimum viable product (MVP) works. Metro League plans on establishing neighborhood leagues across the Kansas City Metropolitan area in the future as well as partnering with established leagues.


Where Can I sign up?

Pre-registration is done on the Metro League app. Download it on your iOS device or Android device.


What can I register as?


General Manager

With Metro League, you can control your own team! This gives you complete authority over the roster, coach position and your team is automatically enrolled in each season after you first register.


Registering as a team makes the process easier for you. It means you already have a group of people you’ll be playing with so you’re all registering together. All you have to do is agree who the head coach will be (the head coach will be the point of contact between the league and the players) and fill in the same information on the registration form.

What if I don’t have a team but still want to play?


Not to worry, you can still play! Metro League will be working with weekly pickup groups across town in order to make sure you get your game time in. Through pickup, you can meet people to form your own team with or you can get drafted onto an existing team.


How much will it cost me to join my league?

If you are a resident of the Waldo Area it will be a $50 fee. If you are a non-resident it will be a $55 fee.


What if I’m not available to play every week?

You have two options. 1) Ask your coach to fill your roster with as many as 10 players. This way if you’re unable to play every week, your team will have enough participants on game day. 2) Stick to playing pickup! This way you won’t be needed on a weekly basis and can just play when you feel like it.


What are the boundaries of the waldo area?

We are defining the Waldo area as Gregory Blvd (N), 85th St. (S), State Line Rd. (W) and Troost Ave (E).


If I pre-register, am i ready to start playing?

Not yet. Pre-registration let’s us know you’re interested in filling a spot on the league and gives us your contact information. You will be contacted at a later date before the season starts to come out and finish registration.


How many seasons are in a year?

Four. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.