Metro League

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Metro League

Metro League is an internet company helping connect neighborhoods though sport. Our goal is to take the passion that people have for sports and bring that passion to the community level by integrating both on our user-friendly mobile platform. Each person that chooses to be a part of our effort will have the opportunity to meet new neighbors in a fun social setting, help improve themselves and most importantly help improve their community by participating in the cause.

Our Vision

Our vision at Metro League is to develop a lifestyle for local communities that combines the two most important facets of healthy living: staying physically active and being actively involved in one’s community. We will achieve this through sport. Sport has the rare ability to unite people; Nelson Mandela knew this and used sport to unite South Africans behind one thing. He is quoted as saying “Sport has the power to change the world”, and Metro League wholeheartedly agrees. Within five years we hope to have connected the entire Metropolitan Kansas City through community sport leagues.


The Metro League App

The app in it’s current form is only a first look into what we at Metro League want it to be. It’s an MVP (minimum viable product) to give Kansas City  an idea of what we are in the process of building. Future versions of the app will have more awesome features for everyone to enjoy. With version 1.0 of the mobile app, users will be able to quickly find and sign up for a league near them as well as keep up with league news and tables, check their schedules, stay up to date with league news and connect with league sponsors. Each league will be sponsored by neighborhood businesses, this means players will be able to enjoy exclusive discounts and other benefits for participating in their league.

Screenshot of app showing some features.