Things To Do: February 13 – 19



Monday 12.13

Warmachine & Hordes Club Meetup @ TableTop Game & Hobby 6pm

Geeks Who Drink MO @ Green Room 8pm

Geeks Who Drink KS @ Grinders at Stonewall 7pm

Mixer Monday: Cash ‘N’ Guns! @ Pawn & Pint 7pm


Tuesday 12.14

Freeblades Club Play @ TableTop Game & Hobby 6pm

Geeks Who Drink MO @ Broadway Brewery, Cinder Block Brewery, Grains & Taps, Hi-Dive Lounge, Ruins Pub 7pm-8pm

Geeks Who Drink KS @ Local Tap & Sully’s Pub 8pm-7pm

Let’s Play CSGO! @ SoPro Gaming 6pm

Valentine’s Day Board Game Night @ T3 Arcade 5pm

Date Night & $20 Couples Package! @ Pawn & Pint 5pm

Star Wars X-Wing League Night – Star Crossed Lovers @ Pawn & Pint 7pm


  Wednesday 12.15

Warhammer 40k Club Night @ TableTop Game & Hobby 6pm

Geeks Who Drink MO @ Charlie Hooper’s, Cicero’s, First Ward House 7-8:30pm

Geeks Who Drink KS @ Burg and Barrel & Headshots Bar and Grill 8pm

Let’s Play League! @ SoPro Gaming 6pm

Mysterium Board Game Tournament @ Game Cafe 7:30pm

RPG Night: Cosplay Special @ Pawn & Pint 7pm


Thursday 12.16

Board Game Night @ TableTop Game & Hobby 5:30pm

Geeks Who Drink MO @ Crown Point Tavern, Handle Bar, Llywelyn’s Pub in Sourlard, The Well 8pm

Let’s Play Overwatch @ SoPro Gaming 6pm

Speed Dating at Pawn and Pint @ Pawn &  Pint 7pm


Friday 12.17

Netrunner Club Night @ TableTop Game & Hobby 8pm

Student Night @ Pawn & Pint 5pm


Saturday 12.18

Geeks Who Drink MO @ Cicero’s & KC Kitchen 8:30 & 9pm

February X-wing Tournament @ The Geekery 11am

VGC 17 Premier Challenge #5 @ Game Cafe 12pm

Kansas City Pride Day! @ Pawn & Pint 11am


Sunday 12.19

Geeks Who Drink MO @ Double Shift Brewing Co. 7pm

Chess Tournament @ Pawn & Pint 1pm



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